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CA changes laws to make kids with diabetes safer at school

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We are in process of updated our website. We have not had a site overhaul since 2004 and we really need one!

So we are just letting our loyal site visitors know that our exciting new look will be completed and live sometime later this month!

Diabetes Education and Prevention is the World Diabetes Day theme for the period 2009-2013. The campaign calls on all those responsible for diabetes care to understand diabetes and take control. For people with diabetes, this is a message about empowerment through education. For governments, it is a call to implement effective strategies and policies for the prevention and management of diabetes to safeguard the health of their citizens with and at risk of diabetes. For healthcare professionals, it is a call to improve knowledge so that evidence-based recommendations are put into practice. For the general public, it is a call to understand the serious impact of diabetes and know, where possible, how to avoid or delay diabetes and its complications. The key messages of the campaign are:

  • Know the diabetes risks and know the warning signs
  • Know how to respond to diabetes and who to turn to
  • Know how to manage diabetes and take control

How can you help?  It is easy to get involved – spread the word, offer financial, support, or even purchase an attractive blue candle to burn symbolizing the solidarity among the diabetes community on World Diabetes Day.

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